I’m Grateful For So Many Things – Especially You

九游会平台- 2020年11月25日


I’m at a loss for how to even start this letter. Thanksgiving is just a few days away and I want to express my gratitude to each of you for so many things. Typically, I think a list of short blessings would be normal this time of year. But 2020 has been anything but a normal year so I’d like to share our story and highlight some of the amazing things that have happened in the last year. I hope you’ll indulge my softer side as we reflect back on this year together.

I left the high-tech world in 2004 to start 达拉斯 Maids. During the months after hiring my first cleaning team, 我感到兴奋, 焦虑, 紧张, 疲惫, hopeful; all these feelings at once. I wanted to build a reputable business that met a real need and simply made people’s lives happier while providing a sturdy wage and good job for our 员工.

I didn’t set out to get rich at the expense of my team, I wanted our business to be a journey that benefitted everyone: customers, 员工, 我们的社区, 还有我的家人.

时间快进到2020年3月. I think we can all remember the day that the world seemed to stop. In March, the world stopped and slowed down. The novel coronavirus descended upon the world, 感染了数百万, 关闭公司, 旧与新, 让世界陷入焦虑, 危险, 和恐惧.

As both a business owner and father, I was petrified. 当然, 我希望我的生意能生存下去, but more than that I wanted my team to be able to pay their rent, 养家糊口, and not go to bed in fear of financial ruin. 2020 was already hard enough – no one needed financial stress added to the mix of an unparalleled pandemic. I fluctuated between hope and despair daily – even hourly.

As the 达拉斯 lockdown took effect, the impact on our business was nearly devastating. In just a couple, short weeks our business dropped by 50%. I don’t blame anyone for canceling service – far from it. The customers who had to step back for a time made the right call – they needed to do what they had to in order to protect their families. And I needed to protect my staff and customers by feverishly implementing safety measures and protocols. As the fallout became apparent, anxiety 和恐惧 were constant companions. 直到你介入.


As Marched stretched into April and eventually the summer, so many of you kept our people going. 不关我们的事,是我们的人. You understood it wasn’t just about getting your home cleaned (although that certainly is our passion!). It was about making sure everyone had enough to get through a tragedy no one saw coming. Many of you paid for services you never received. 你做到了.

You kept my team employed, kept roofs over our heads, and food on our tables. 那是你. Words seem inadequate to express the immense gratitude I have for you. 不是为了你的生意. 为你. You were a bright light in a year of deepening darkness.

Your generous support was so overwhelming we started our Free Cleans for First Responders program. 你的慷慨和我们的慷慨, we have been able to celebrate the heroes of these trying days – medical staff, 在第一时间作出回应, and countless others who have kept us safe when the world felt so unsafe. To date, we have cleaned over 40 homes of medical staff for free. Together, we did something amazing in the Summer of 2020.

2020年将是一个严峻的考验. A time when our nation and ourselves were tested. Layered atop of pandemic were heart-wrenching social and racial unrest, 日益严重的心理健康危机, 金融动荡, 还有一场有毒的总统选举. So often our world becomes focused on those big items. But as I reflect on this year, I’m most grateful for ordinary heroes. For men and women who saw the crushing tsunami of economic collapse coming and said “this will not stand.” In the end, I think we have learned a lot about who we are in 2020.

Yes, we have much work to do and many things to fix. But when the chips were down and we saw our fellow man struggling, 我们拒绝让他们独自倒下. 这就是我们国家的力量. Not politicians or policies – our strength is our robust, fierce determination to take care of our friends, 我们的家庭, 以及我们的社区.

Thank you for indulging me in such a long letter. I am so grateful and have no idea how to even begin listing everything that has been a blessing this year. While I will take time privately to make that list in the coming week, I want you to know that you will be at the top. In 2020, I’m grateful for so many things – especially you!

With gratitude and hope for brighter days ahead,


P.S. Do you know a nurse or a first responder that could use a stress-relieving home cleaning? 请参阅我们的 为急救人员提供免费九游会平台 program – It’s a privilege for us to serve those that serve 我们的社区.